Exhibition 2010 - “Swaddle" Fibre, Textile and Mixed Media

Artists collaborate to push boundaries of textile in art

14 Victorian female artists are exhibiting works in fibre and textile to stimulate and challenge ideas around old cultural practices. “Swaddle” is an exhibition which explores the interplay between bondage and release, comfort and constraint and life and death through the manipulation of textiles and mixed media.

Artist Robert Hollingworth, guest speaker at the opening, noted “The coupling of the works and their media uniquely focus the viewer on how swaddling can assert cultural, political and personal agendas whilst exploring a diversity of associated concepts.

Drawing from decades of artistic experience in visual, graphic and textile arts, this newly collaborative group, known as “Collective Notions”, has created a sensitive and dynamic body of 2D and 3D work including sculptures, hangings, panels.

The work of each artist demonstrates a divergence from traditional into non traditional forms in the pursuit of contemporary artistic expression.

Exhibition Summary
Title: “Swaddle" Fibre, Textile and Mixed Media
Artists: Collective Notions
Dates: Tuesday Oct 12 - Saturday Oct 23, 2010
Gallery: SJS Gallery, 120 Alexandra Pde, Fitzroy
Contact Details: Collective Notions, Marg Trainor, askus@collectivenotions.com
Artists: Robyn Bayliss, Noleen Bennett, Marian Cravino, Karen Crawford, Dawn Duncan-Smith, Beth Giudice, Barbara Ireland, Barb Jens, Penny Meddings, Sylvia Meyer-Stumborg, Marg Trainor, Lily van Ryswick, Jeanette Wilkinson, Karen Young