Impressions from the opening night of our Graduate Show on
10 November 2011 at Eckersley's Open Space Gallery, 97 Franklin Street, Melbourne

Exhibition 2011 - Collective Notions (Graduate Show)

An exhibition of the collective works of thirteen graduating textile artists from the Diploma of Textile Art, Box Hill Institute, Centre for Creative Industries.

Each artist will develop a progressive series of 6 themed works for the exhibition. These will comprise soft sculpture, 3D hangings, 3D wall pieces and 2D panels employing fabric manipulation and a diverse range of techniques including printing, felting, wrapping, machine and hand stitch, and mixed media.

Hester Hopkins Award submission pieces and dedicated Artists’ Books will also be on display from each exhibitor for the annual Hester Hopkins Award for graduating students. The Embroiderers’ Guild, Victoria will announce the winner of the Award at the graduate exhibition.

This exhibition represents a body of new work which draws upon decades of artistic experience in textile, graphic and visual arts. The work of each artist demonstrates an emergence from the traditional into non traditional forms and a divergence into the pursuit of contemporary artistic expressions.

Robyn Bayliss, Noleen Bennett, Marian Cravino, Karen Crawford, Dawn Duncan-Smith, Beth Giudice, Barbara Ireland, Barb Jens, Lily van Ryswick, Sylvia Meyer-Stumborg, Marg Trainor, Jeanette Wilkinson, Karen Young

Eckersley's Open Space Gallery, 97 Franklin Street, Melbourne

8th - 19th November2011

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