Lily van Ryswick, Textile Artist

"I have worked with textiles most of my life, but since I was introduced to felt 7 years ago this has become my preferred material. Working with this very tactile medium, I find the process of felt-making both fascinating and therapeutic. The end results are sometimes unpredictable, but always a delightful surprise.

My inspiration is drawn mostly from the world around me. I constantly take photographs of sea and rural landscapes, and from these I aim to create fragments that capture the essence of places that I have been. It may be just a snapshot to capture the mood or just the colour of the sky.

I also like to use mixed media in my work – dyeing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, felting, even a few frayed edges – collaged or layered, then stitched together to create texture and depth; or just create forms, shapes; or simply leave a mark in manipulated textile fibre. I feel that life flows through us and eventually into our artwork where our thoughts are."

Dawn, 2013
Felted wool tops/silk
70 x 42 cm

Dusk, 2013
Felted wool tops/silk/stitched
70 x 42 cm

Pre-felts, wool tops, silk, hand stitched
26 x 56 cm

Blue Moon
Felted landscape with a moody sea and mysterious blue moon. Wool tops, silk, hand embroidered
56 x 25 cm

End of this journey ...
Overdyed commercial silk, with screen printed/shibori silk, hand stitching
63 x 31 cm

New Adventure
Rusted noil silk, crunched dyed silk, mono print, photocoy prints-transfix medium, hand stitch
63 x 31 cm

Cumbungi or Bulrush
Canvas, felt, needlefelted, knitted, painted, vliesofix, polyester mesh, chiffon, acrylic paint, distressed, machine stitching
27 x 56 cm

Don't go into the woods today …
Canvas, Tyvek, non-woven lace, felted/needle felted, polyester mesh, chiffon, transfer ink, acrylic paint, defused, distressed, machine stitching
27 x 56 cm

Calender Cover 2012
nuno felted silk, hand stitched

Felted vessel 1

Felted vessel 2

Felted vessel 3

nuno felted scarf
Silk, wool

Shibori dyeing

Shibori scarf

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