Marian Cravino, Textile Artist

"Colour, fabric, threads, stitch, humour, glitz, texture, 'wow'. These are necessary components in my textile art practice. I make and colour my own fabrics with silk and wool fibres, fused textiles pieces, printing, machine and hand-stitch. I work in both figurative and abstract styles but my current body of work is emerging from my parallel passion for botanic art. Creating textile interpretations of my drawings and photographs deepens my understanding of form and colour, and is my way of describing the fascinating diversity, grace and vigour of the natural world. "

Bud I, 2013
Free machine stitching on printed silk
26 x 35 cm, framed

Flowering, 2012
Free machine stitching on hand dyed and printed silk chiffon, cotton fabric backing
29 x 21 cm

Circles, 2012
Concertina format artist book. Handmade paper (found), hand dyed and found fabric scraps, plastic, vilene, shiva stick, free machine stitching
21 x 14 cm (closed)

Summer Sky, 2011
Transfer dyed synthetic satin, kid leather and silk paper applique, hand and machine stitching, beading
45 x 35 cm

Crowning Clouds, 2011
Painted silk, hand dyed and fused silk fibres, applique, machine stitching, polyester, cotton and metallic threads

Bright Water (detail), 2011
Hand painted silk, hand-dyed polyester, applique, free machine embroidery, polyester, metallic and hand-dyed silk threads
30 x 30 cm

Swift River, 2011
Free machine embroidery on hand-painted synthetic shantung, kid leather, polyester and metal threads
34 x 35 cm

Around the Cape, 2011
Entry for the Hester Hopkins Award
Hand-painted silk, hand-dyed silk organza, printed and applied motifs, hand and machine embroidery, couched metal thread

Shifting Paradigms, 2010
Hand-painted silk, hand-dyed and fused silk fibres, hand stitching and couched gold thread

Ring of Bright Water, 2010
Manipulated polyester, fused silk fibres, hand and machine stitching, beading

3 Hats, 2009
Felted wool, hand embroidery, polystyrene balls, wood, metal

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