Sylvia Meyer-Stumborg, Textile Artist

"My work has its roots in old craft traditions as well as in contemporary art and design. I am inspired by forms and stories offered especially by art, architecture, books, nature and people.

Often words, notes, concept mapping will start my reflections and are the first step in my creative process. I develop this raw material through drawing, modelling, felting mostly into sculptural compositions.

I am passionate about creating organic, tactile, contemporary pieces which are radiating sensitivity and strength at the same time.

Right now I am exploring the idea of identity and change during time. "

Birth, detail, 2011
140 x 45cm

Scars, detail, 2011
Felt, cotton, silk
140 x 45cm

Stories, detail, 2011
Felt, silk
140 x 45cm

Does it flow, 2011
Felt, silk thread
29 x 30 x 30cm

How many times, detail, 2011
Felt, cotton
110 x 80 x 30cm

Am I here, detail, 2011
Felt, pencil on concrete slab
60 x 30 x 30cm

Thirteen, 2011
Artist's Book - Concertina, Paper

Symbiont II, 2010
Felt, Ceramic

Bird-nest series, No1, 2010
Felt, Ceramic

Haunted, 2010

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